Your Work Matters

The altMBA is an intensive, digital leadership workshop, founded by international best-selling author, Seth Godin.

It’s designed to help high-performing individuals who want to level up, lead and create the change they wish to see in their work, their organizations and the world.

Creatives from dozens of industries around the world have completed this workshop, and have used our platform to bring their best work to life. Your work matters. If you’re ready to design your future, we’re ready for you.

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What Our Students Say

"Those of us who attend CreativeMornings know that we all have work and ideas inside of us that are dying to be launched into the world. And we’re afraid to. But altMBA is the place that can help the ‘things like this’, come to life."

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"The altMBA fundamentally changed my life. Everything I use in my projects and work is rooted in what I learned in the altMBA. I learned how to ask great questions, develop thoughtful strategies, give and receive feedback. Most importantly, it was the first community where I felt like I belonged. I was a freelancer and my community were a close circle of friends. Being surrounded—and supported—by a diversity of backgrounds and expertise, upheld with a culture of professionalism, kindness, and generosity, was rocket fuel for my life and career."


"Without the altMBA, I would not view design and the world the way I do today. It prepared me to step into a leadership role and help mentor designers, to see beyond the pixels and build experiences that connect with other humans."


"When I got accepted to the altMBA, I had no idea that this would be the single most important catalyst for me. I also didn’t come in with the intention to become a designer. I came in with an entirely different set of goals. Goals that I now know I was hiding behind.

But the altMBA challenged all of them. It challenged me to question the story that I've been telling myself and realize that it's exactly just that - a story. It armed me with the courage to make rational decisions in an irrational world. It helped me realize that the change that I want for myself and the world I live in, was for me to make. It helped me gain clarity on the why, it gave me the courage to leap, and to finally listen to my voice.

I think that every one of us has a creative in them and that it’s just a matter of giving it the permission to be. The altMBA gave me the permission that I needed.’


"The altMBA completely changed my ability to lead a team of creative people. I ask smarter questions now. We work harder to understand what our clients are really asking for. The feedback I’m able to provide to my people is much less prescriptive. They’re more empowered to work toward new solutions to challenges. As a new team, our reputation is getting stronger among our partners. With their trust we’re winning more creative work. We’re expanding out of market. Best of all, we’re having fun while doing it."

PARTNER, PRODUCER | Accomplice Supply Co.